Beautify Your Spaces


All galvanized cans are manufactured in the U.S.A by Behrens. Cans are base coated with an emulsabond primer, then background color washed and / or pattern is applied. Next design is hand painted around the entire perimeter of the can and lid so that any angle can be the front or back, the choice is yours. Once the can is dry a first coat of poly is sprayed on , then an additional four coats are applied by brush. This protects the can from the elements ( indoor & outdoor) also if the can gets dirty it simply wipes clean with a damp cloth.

The cans are perfect for around the pool, on the deck, dock, patio, in the laundry room, Kitchen. Basement, garage… Great for storage of pet food, bird seed, toys, garden tools, recyclables, they make a perfect addition to a dorm room… the sky is the limit when it comes to what the cans can be used for – it’s all up to you!